How I made $1,300 in 2 weeks with Tumblr and WordPress

September 21, 2014

Digital Ocean HostingSo I run several viral wordpress image sites and recently I thought I would add a little text link with my DigitalOcean affiliate link of it. And OMG! I can't believe all the sign ups I got in less than 1 month. I don't get tons of traffic, but I get enough for the hours of work I do a week on the sites. I'm averaging around 5,000 unique visitors a day. I'll cover how I'm doing that in the later blog post. But for now, here is the text I was using on my site:

Get $10 FREE for hosting when you sign up with this link for DigitalOcean!

Over $1,300 in DigitalOcean Referral Sign Ups!

If you are wondering, the reason the earned dollars are $0, it's because these are all new sign ups. I won't get the $25 until each member spends $25 in billing. Since DigitalOcean is only $5 for the basic droplets, I might not see the money until 5 months from now. But still, pretty awesome! If they all payout, I'll have free servers for the next couple of years!

This is why on my last post, How to make your wordpress site profitable?, I said it's best to know what your demographic is. For most of my sites, I know that most of my users are internet programers, bloggers, designers, 3D modelers, and so on.

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