My website bought my PS4, Wii U, and all the games

September 17, 2014

My website bought my PS4I know the title of this blog post sounds ridiculous but it's true. Last year, well 10 months, I started a couple viral blogs with tumblr accounts. I found this an easy way to develop and maintain these sites with less work but more profits than the traditional blog out there.

I'm sorry if this post doesn't make the most sense. I'm drinking a bottle of wine and watching a horror film while trying to blog.

Anyways, I love how tumblr brings me so much traffic on these sites. It all comes down to, what do people like and want to re-blog? or re-post? The more followers you get the better (common sense). So my tumblr accounts were getting decent traffic and my followers increased everyday. Once you hit 1000 followers, 2000 followers is close by. Some of my account are well over 10K followers with a traffic boost to my websites of 100%. So if my websites got 1000 visitors a day without tumblr, they would get 2000 visitors with tumblr.

In the beginning, my sites took more time, but now I do about a hour a week and my sites produce $75-100 a week. I bet you were looking to get rich, but hey, it happens, but not for me, yet. I'm trying to be a better blogger and I will share all my successes with you on this blog.

A key script to use is Next Scripts, it will automatically post to your Facebook, tumblr, twitter, sumbleupon, and more website to help get you the exposure with less work.

Also, you should have Yoast SEO wordpress plugin to make sure all your titles and meta tags are good.

And when you are running affiliate advertisers, I would suggest to use WP Wizard Cloak.

As for the making money part. I like to use affiliates like CrakRevenue or Adsense (if the site is clean enough) to make most of my money. On top of that, I reach out to sites like fiverr to sell extra banner spots on my site.

Please, don't let me know my writing sucks, I already know, just let me know what I can improve and help you with.