Using an email contact form to send a text message

I was recently working with a client that owned a restaurant and they were looking for an easy way to take orders online but didn't want to have to check their email all the time. I needed to figure out a simple way to use a contact form to send a text message to a mobile phone. After doing some research, I came across a list of mobile phone carries email addresses that will text a phone on their network. I know this is nothing new to most but I figured if I compiled a list of email addresses for each carrier it would be helpful to other web developers.


I set my client up with a contact form using Contact Form 7 and added two email addresses to send to. I used their everyday email so they would have them all achieved and then I added their cell phone number at their carrier. Since they have their phone on them at all times, they were able to get all the online orders directly to their cell phone without having to check their email.

Just type your mobile phone number, area code and 7 digit phone number, and add the carriers domain name to email your phone.



Mobile phone carrier email address list

Alaska Communications Systems


Alltel Wireless


AT&T Wireless


Boost Mobile


Cellular South




Centennial Wireless


Copper Valley Wireless


GCI Alaska




Metro PCS


Midwest Wireless


MTA Wireless - Alaska








South Central Communications








Union Wireless


U.S. Cellular




Virgin Mobile


What does a text message look like from a web contact form?

Here is a screenshot of the text message I received from my contact form.
contact form to text message review - How Plugz is increasing my traffic for FREE

Plugz network traffic after 1 weekSo I recently started using on some of my website and I am very impressed with the results. The way the ad network works is by placing ads or plugs on your site, similar to Taboola and in exchange you supply them with plugs to your site. I've only been using it for a week and at first I wasn't getting much traffic at all but once it was on for a couple of days my traffic has picked up and my other ads on my sites are preforming better too.

In one weeks time, I have sent out 1322 visitors to similar sites to mine and I have received back 2283 visitors. That's a 172.69% return on traffic! On top of that my sites have made $1.02 just on the Plugz network. I know that isn't alot of money, but I'm not using them to make money. I'm just using the network to boost traffic for free!

With the wordpress plugin they have in the wordpress plugins section @ , it's super easy to start using.

How to use network with WordPress. (Detail instructions for beginners)

Step 1 - Sign up for Plugz network at

Sign up for Plugz network to start getting free traffic

Step 2 - Add your websites

Add your website to Network

Step 3 - Login to your wordpress site

Step 4 - Once logged in to your wordpress dashboard, goto your plugins section and click "Add New".

Step 5 - Search the wordpress site for "plugz" and click install and activate the plugin.

Search, install and activate the Plugz wordpress plugin

Step 6 - Navigate to your Plugz setting and enter in your Plugz account login information to link your site up with the Plugz network.

Link up your account with your wordpress plugin

Step 7 - Once it's all linked up, goto the Widgets section under your Plugz menu on the lefthand side on your dashboard and click "Add New".

Step 8 - Once you are adding a new widget to your site, you'll be able to do all the customizing to make it look the most appealing for your site and to match your sites styles.

Customize your widget styles to match your site

Step 9 - Once you are done making all the changes and customizing, you'll click the "Save and activate the code". At this time, the plugin will look through all your posts and add the widget in the area you have selected.

Step 10 - Now, go make some new posts and they will automaticlly be added to the Plugz network.

Now sit back and watch the traffic come in!

How I made $1,300 in 2 weeks with Tumblr and WordPress

Digital Ocean HostingSo I run several viral wordpress image sites and recently I thought I would add a little text link with my DigitalOcean affiliate link of it. And OMG! I can't believe all the sign ups I got in less than 1 month. I don't get tons of traffic, but I get enough for the hours of work I do a week on the sites. I'm averaging around 5,000 unique visitors a day. I'll cover how I'm doing that in the later blog post. But for now, here is the text I was using on my site:

Get $10 FREE for hosting when you sign up with this link for DigitalOcean!

Over $1,300 in DigitalOcean Referral Sign Ups!

If you are wondering, the reason the earned dollars are $0, it's because these are all new sign ups. I won't get the $25 until each member spends $25 in billing. Since DigitalOcean is only $5 for the basic droplets, I might not see the money until 5 months from now. But still, pretty awesome! If they all payout, I'll have free servers for the next couple of years!

This is why on my last post, How to make your wordpress site profitable?, I said it's best to know what your demographic is. For most of my sites, I know that most of my users are internet programers, bloggers, designers, 3D modelers, and so on.

Please leave your questions, feedback, or success stories below!

My website bought my PS4, Wii U, and all the games

My website bought my PS4I know the title of this blog post sounds ridiculous but it's true. Last year, well 10 months, I started a couple viral blogs with tumblr accounts. I found this an easy way to develop and maintain these sites with less work but more profits than the traditional blog out there.

I'm sorry if this post doesn't make the most sense. I'm drinking a bottle of wine and watching a horror film while trying to blog.

Anyways, I love how tumblr brings me so much traffic on these sites. It all comes down to, what do people like and want to re-blog? or re-post? The more followers you get the better (common sense). So my tumblr accounts were getting decent traffic and my followers increased everyday. Once you hit 1000 followers, 2000 followers is close by. Some of my account are well over 10K followers with a traffic boost to my websites of 100%. So if my websites got 1000 visitors a day without tumblr, they would get 2000 visitors with tumblr.

In the beginning, my sites took more time, but now I do about a hour a week and my sites produce $75-100 a week. I bet you were looking to get rich, but hey, it happens, but not for me, yet. I'm trying to be a better blogger and I will share all my successes with you on this blog.

A key script to use is Next Scripts, it will automatically post to your Facebook, tumblr, twitter, sumbleupon, and more website to help get you the exposure with less work.

Also, you should have Yoast SEO wordpress plugin to make sure all your titles and meta tags are good.

And when you are running affiliate advertisers, I would suggest to use WP Wizard Cloak.

As for the making money part. I like to use affiliates like CrakRevenue or Adsense (if the site is clean enough) to make most of my money. On top of that, I reach out to sites like fiverr to sell extra banner spots on my site.

Please, don't let me know my writing sucks, I already know, just let me know what I can improve and help you with.

How to make your wordpress site profitable?

The first steps in making money with wordpress

Everyone hear tons of stories and experiences about people making millions online jusy by blogging. Yes, it's true, some people have good enough material on their sites that it attracts tons of visitors. But before you can even think about making money on your site, first think about your site as a whole and ask your self these questions.

I'm sure I could come up with hundreds more, but that is a good start of questions that will need answered. I'm no blogging expert but I've had my share of success on the web and I want to share with you some of the secrets and tips I've gained over the years.

Just like in the South Park episode of the underpants gnomes, most people have no idea how to get from step 1, create website; step 2; step 3, profit. It's not that simple.

[videoembed type="youtube" url=""]

This blog post isn't going to change your world, but I think if we hear it enough, we will start to understand the key points for making a successful website.

Don't worry, not all my posts will be like this. And yes, I will share many ways to make money by not doing much work and letting some of these great plugins and scripts I've found over the years.