review - How Plugz is increasing my traffic for FREE

Plugz network traffic after 1 weekSo I recently started using on some of my website and I am very impressed with the results. The way the ad network works is by placing ads or plugs on your site, similar to Taboola and in exchange you supply them with plugs to your site. I've only been using it for a week and at first I wasn't getting much traffic at all but once it was on for a couple of days my traffic has picked up and my other ads on my sites are preforming better too.

In one weeks time, I have sent out 1322 visitors to similar sites to mine and I have received back 2283 visitors. That's a 172.69% return on traffic! On top of that my sites have made $1.02 just on the Plugz network. I know that isn't alot of money, but I'm not using them to make money. I'm just using the network to boost traffic for free!

With the wordpress plugin they have in the wordpress plugins section @ , it's super easy to start using.

How to use network with WordPress. (Detail instructions for beginners)

Step 1 - Sign up for Plugz network at

Sign up for Plugz network to start getting free traffic

Step 2 - Add your websites

Add your website to Network

Step 3 - Login to your wordpress site

Step 4 - Once logged in to your wordpress dashboard, goto your plugins section and click "Add New".

Step 5 - Search the wordpress site for "plugz" and click install and activate the plugin.

Search, install and activate the Plugz wordpress plugin

Step 6 - Navigate to your Plugz setting and enter in your Plugz account login information to link your site up with the Plugz network.

Link up your account with your wordpress plugin

Step 7 - Once it's all linked up, goto the Widgets section under your Plugz menu on the lefthand side on your dashboard and click "Add New".

Step 8 - Once you are adding a new widget to your site, you'll be able to do all the customizing to make it look the most appealing for your site and to match your sites styles.

Customize your widget styles to match your site

Step 9 - Once you are done making all the changes and customizing, you'll click the "Save and activate the code". At this time, the plugin will look through all your posts and add the widget in the area you have selected.

Step 10 - Now, go make some new posts and they will automaticlly be added to the Plugz network.

Now sit back and watch the traffic come in!