Using an email contact form to send a text message

I was recently working with a client that owned a restaurant and they were looking for an easy way to take orders online but didn't want to have to check their email all the time. I needed to figure out a simple way to use a contact form to send a text message to a mobile phone. After doing some research, I came across a list of mobile phone carries email addresses that will text a phone on their network. I know this is nothing new to most but I figured if I compiled a list of email addresses for each carrier it would be helpful to other web developers.


I set my client up with a contact form using Contact Form 7 and added two email addresses to send to. I used their everyday email so they would have them all achieved and then I added their cell phone number at their carrier. Since they have their phone on them at all times, they were able to get all the online orders directly to their cell phone without having to check their email.

Just type your mobile phone number, area code and 7 digit phone number, and add the carriers domain name to email your phone.



Mobile phone carrier email address list

Alaska Communications Systems


Alltel Wireless


AT&T Wireless


Boost Mobile


Cellular South




Centennial Wireless


Copper Valley Wireless


GCI Alaska




Metro PCS


Midwest Wireless


MTA Wireless - Alaska








South Central Communications








Union Wireless


U.S. Cellular




Virgin Mobile


What does a text message look like from a web contact form?

Here is a screenshot of the text message I received from my contact form.
contact form to text message